Pelispace 2021

‘Pelispace’ is a multi-sensory environment designed in a similar manner to the wearable art and tactile fashion. The senses are activated in creating art and reflecting on the created work — seeing, touching, smelling, moving, hearing—promoting sensory integration that can lead to an integration of meaning.  


During the process of designing a tactile, multi fidget clothing range in 2020 I delved deep into researching and understanding how and why touch was a calming stimulus.  Through this I learnt about sensory deprivation, and decided to attempt to create the complete opposite sensation, sensory overload.

I wanted to construct a multi-sensory environment that would cuddle me like a soft blanket - a mirrored room that would allow me to see myself in amyriad of colourful ways. To see, hear, touch, smell and taste serenity, joy, calm and reassurance.

Sight – brightly painted abstract walls with mutli colour slow changing lights and lazers
Touch - tufted shell couch in centre of room

Soundscape by Ashley Wray and Immanuel Dreessens.
Scent by ScentLab, calming lavendar and ylang Klang.
Taste, a choice between a sour lemon sherbet candy or sweet raspberry drop.