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All the pills I've had to swallow



This work is a reflection of all the pills I had to swallow, both physically and metaphorically to change my mental state and rebuild the way I reacted to life. 

For those of you who are new to my journey you probably won't know too much about my story, there's lots to tell, but what's revelvant to this artwork in late 2018, when I was 23 years old, I injured my back badly (three times in the same place) and developed chronic pain. It was debilitating, I spent the good part of six months either in bed or on the couch, I struggled to even put my socks on let alone create. My mental health was already bad and the onset of chronic pain only worsened it. I'm not exaggerating when I say I just gave up, accepted my career was over and told myself I would never be who I wanted to be.

Fast forward to now, I still have chronic pain, there's always a little niggle in my lower left but its rare that it prevents me from doing anything (it flares when I'm stressed or cold) but three years after the darkest period of my life, I rebuilt myself, my ambitions and my career, and proved to myself all of those things I told myself weren't true.

The pills in the centre of the image reflect all the pills I'd take each day when my pain was acute, I now only take painkillers when I've got a flare up.

The colourful pill bottles are positive affirmations that I taught myself to believe, thoughts that I force myself to replay every day.

The pill bottles with white labels are hard truths I've learnt to accept about myself, life and people around me.