About Emi

Emi(ly) Peli - A Finnish noun for the word ‘play’


Emily Rastas is a Finnish-Australian artist and designer who currently resides in Geelong, where she immerses herself in her creative pursuits. With a focus on painting, wearable art, sculpture, apparel, and installation, Emily's artistic journey takes her into diverse realms of expression.

Inspired by her research on dopamine release and multi-sensory experiences, Emily approaches her work with a playful spirit. Her creations aim to captivate and engage the senses, offering a unique and joyful experience to those who encounter them. Sustainability and slow fashion are central to her artistic philosophy, and she passionately advocates for these causes. Through her brand, Emipeli Design, Emily sells a range of upcycled clothing, hand-painted shoes and boots, and distinctive accessories crafted from discarded fabric waste.

Emily's affinity for clothing design began at a young age, as she started making her own garments at the age of 11. After a brief study in Fashion at RMIT, her path led her towards costume design, working behind the scenes in theater productions, collaborating with artists and drag queens, and contributing to music video sets. During this time, Emily also delved into the realms of SFX and Prosthetic makeup, steadily expanding her design portfolio.

Five years ago, upon returning to Victoria, Emily discovered a newfound passion for painting and installation. Constantly pushing her boundaries and experimenting with various mediums and techniques, her work aims to envelop the wearer or viewer in a profound sense of confidence, joy, and healing. With an unwavering dedication to her craft, Emily continues to explore the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.